Elizabeth Ruth is a writer, editor, creative writing instructor and mother living in Toronto, Canada. Her first novel, Ten Good Seconds of Silence was a finalist for the Writers' Trust of Canada Fiction Prize, the Best First Novel Award and the City of Toronto Book Award. Her critically acclaimed second novel, Smoke, was chosen for the 2007 One Book One Community program. Elizabeth Ruth's third novel - Matadora, about a female bullfighter in 1930's Spain - was published in Canada in spring 2013 by Cormorant Books

Elizabeth is well known for her mentorship of aspiring writers. She teaches at the University of Toronto, and through the Humber School for Writers. In 2011 Elizabeth held the position of Writer-In-Residence at the Toronto Public Library. Elizabeth has also held the position of Writer-In-Residence at the Oshawa and Kitchener Public Libraries. In recent years, Elizabeth has mentored middle and high school English students through WIER, Writers in Electronic Residence. In 2011 she delivered workshops and offered manuscript evaluations to writers across northern Ontario. In 2012, together with Ann Douglas, Elizabeth Ruth was hired by The Writer's Union of Canada (TWUC) to deliver professional development workshops to writers across the country. She is a long-standing member of TWUC and the current chair of the author's advisory committee of the Writers' Trust of Canada. 

Elizabeth Ruth has a BA in English Literature and an MA in Counselling Psychology, both from the University of Toronto. She is also a graduate of the Humber School of Writers.

And, in case you were wondering….

1) Elizabeth is an only child who was raised by a single mother. She moved homes 40-odd times as a child and teen, living in Canada, Colombia, and the US. As a young woman she lived in France. (No, it wasn’t hard and moving didn’t ruin her childhood).

2) Elizabeth can keep a good secret, make excellent chicken soup, talk to anyone about anything, and will. Things she can’t do: math, lie (unless you count fiction), open a box of cereal without destroying the packaging, keep her houseplants alive, and “find balance”.

3) Elizabeth attended eight schools before arriving at university - in one year, changing schools three times - and as a result she isn't shy about meeting new people!

4) Since the age of fourteen Elizabeth has worked for pay. Some of her jobs have included: selling doughnuts and books, (sadly, not in the same establishment) acting as a bilingual tour guide in an antique toy train museum, cleaning offices, dishwashing, and working the midnight shift at a Chrysler mini-van plant.

5) When faced with the infuriating choice, Elizabeth always chooses time over money. She knows this is not practical.

6) For eleven years, Elizabeth worked in shelters with homeless women and children and in community based mental health centers.

7) She knows writing novels is a neurotic's job. She’d quit if she could.









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