Matadora is set in 1930's Spain and Mexico, and centres on a girl named Luna Caballero Garcia. Luna is orphaned young and a servant of the famed Garcia family. She is determined to become a bullfighter, despite her lowly station in life and the fact that women are prohibited from graduating to the status of matador-do-toros. She burns for the ring, and is willing to bend or break any rule to enter it.

Fortunately, Luna finds unlikely patrons in her master’s sons. Manuel, an aspiring poet and socialist, sees in his surrogate sister the genius he wishes he was; Pedro sees a chance to make an astonishing amount of money. The trio decides to travel abroad where Luna will have the opportunity to prove her skill, but she knows her true destiny lies in the blood-soaked sands of home.

Matadora is a powerful, compelling exploration of love and ambition. The pain that drives our ambition, the yearning for love it reveals, the lengths we go to win love, and the price we pay along the way. Matadora is about someone like you, trying against all odds, to win love.