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"[Smoke] is astute, big-hearted, occasionally disturbing and — as the title would suggest—nothing short of smouldering." Robert Hough, author of The Final Confession of Mabel Stark, The Stowaway, The Culprits and Dr. Brinkley's Tower.

Chosen! Smoke was selected as the 2007 One Book, One Community read. For details read the press release.

Toronto's Now Magazine names Smoke one of the Top 10 Books of the Year!

Vancouver Sun
Rebecca Wigod names Smoke one of the Best Reads of 2005.

The London Free Press
Named Smoke one of the best books of 2005.

The Globe and Mail
"(Elizabeth) Ruth is an innovative storyteller, full of quirky surprises, who has the courage to confront basic preconceptions about full of vitality, so drawn to so many things simultaneously, so alive, reading her is always likely to be more of a D.H. Lawrence rollercoaster than a Virgina Woolf Ferris wheel. Whenever the ills of this book's characters intersect with the culling and curing of tobacco leaf, Ruth is utterly compelling." Written by T.F. Rigelhof. Read the full review

The Edmonton Journal
Ruth expertly ties together threads of stories set in 1950s tobacco town.... Ruth is a magnificent and captivating storyteller. In this, her second novel, she weaves the small town's 1950's atmosphere seamlessly with the doctor's stories about mobster life. With her detailed writing you can practically smell the tobacco from the McFiddie farm curing in the kilns and feel the excitement of the town's women as they plan for Smoke's 150th birthday celebrations....Ruth's memorable story lingers in the mind long after the last twist is unravelled. It is a delightful piece of fiction.

Smoke is a hit in Winnipeg!
"rich with compelling metaphors and subtle implications....Ruth emphasizes her dominant theme, that "a person is not necessarily what you see or think you see," as different characters come to grips with who they really are. It is in conveying the emotions involved with this realization that Ruth does her best writing. The doctor tells Buster, "only a fool and the dead don't change." Although her subject is serious, Ruth lightens her tone with charming figures of speech, such as "even the fish were in danger of drowning" and "a whispering sunrise was getting ready to shout."
Written by Helen Sigurdson. Read the full review here.

Smoke garners another great review from the Vancouver Sun.
"...a fine writer....a wonderful ear for dialogue, a nice sense of pacing and an authoritative command of detail."
Written by Elaine Kalman Naves

Smoke got a NNNN review in NOW!
"[Elizabeth] Ruth is definitely the real thing."
Written by Susan G. Cole.

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